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This section contains some of the code I've written over the years.


A Linux driver for the Brother P-Touch PT-2450DX label printer. Completely unofficial and NOT developed or supported by Brother.
A device driver for the IBM 6094-020 Lighted Program Function Keyboard.
My fork of Eric Smith's tumble tool, a program which converts a directory full of images into a PDF file. I've added Daniel Glöckner's PNG and JPEG2000 patch, and also fixed tumble's support of the TIFF Photometric tag (which if decoded incorrectly can cause black and white TIFF files to be inverted, i.e. black changes to white and vice versa). This lives here because Eric doesn't seem to have touched his branch of Tumble for several years...


A really simple semiconductor manufacturer logo database. This program keeps track of the logos semiconductor manufacturers print on their ICs, and can be used to identify unknown semiconductors. No longer maintained.


Text-mode graphics (MS-DOS)
This is some old DOS code that reprograms the VGA chipset to remove the one-pixel forced gap. This is how the old Award "Modular BIOS" displays the Award and 'EPA Energy Star' logos without switching out of text mode.

Source code repositories

My Mercurial repositories sometimes contain code which I've released, but haven't widely announced. Anything you find in Mercurial which isn't documented on the main website should be assumed to be "in development", and (at best) alpha quality.