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Over the past couple of years, I've spent an unbelievable amount of time (and an even more unbelievable amount of money) on a few little electronic projects. As my contribution to the great hive mind known as the Internet, I've decided to document a few of the more interesting ones...

  • 6502 computer project - The first project I built up with a Roadrunner wiring pen, and possibly the most primitive multi-board 6502 computer ever devised.
  • Battery tab welder - Hobbyspotwelders wanted $1500 for a battery tab welder. I didn't have $1500. So I built this thing... for £50. Featured on!
  • Micronic 1000 - my attempts to reverse engineer a portable handheld terminal.
  • GALBlast - Another "I'm not paying a King's Ransom for that thing!" project. Program GALs for £35...

I've also written a couple of technical articles, which I'll be uploading here as time permits. For now, here's the first instalment: