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Micronic 1000 Reverse Engineering Project

Ever heard of the Micronic 1000 portable computer terminal? Chances are you haven't. The Micronic was a handheld Z80-based computer terminal made by the now-defunct Victor Micronic company. They were probably used in large department stores for stock control (How do I know this? Derek Kennedy [see links] got a few of these from Greenweld Electronics - a few of his had BHS stickers on). I own one Micronic unit and I'm currently attempting to get it to do something genuinely useful.
Derek's site has a machine code monitor available to download that could provide a base for other software developments.
If you're interested, the unit's specifications are:
RAM 256k Static RAM
ROM 2x 27C256 EPROMs
I/O One serial (?) output port, two infrared ports
Display 8 lines by 20 characters (160x64 dots) LCD with one Hitachi HD61830 LCD controller
Real-time clock Hitachi HD146818
With the aid of a camcorder I've managed to work out where two of the I/O ports are routed to. The PLINTH port is the LED array on the bottom of the unit and the V24_ADAPTOR is the front set of LEDs. Hopefully that should help you out if you're reverse engineering the ROMs.


These were taken many moons ago, with a camcorder and a video capture card. When I can be bothered, I'll drag the Micronic out and take some new photos with my Olympus digicam. Until then, these are the best photos I've got.


Derek Kennedy