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EasyISP (aka WispEZP) is a port of an old (November 2004) version of the EasyProg PIC programmer firmware to run on the Wisp628 hardware. I did this because the Wisp628 firmware was (and from what I can tell still is, as of 2006-09-17) lagging behind in terms of device support. A few folks on the PICLIST wanted to program PIC10F devices with their Wisp628s, but at the time, the EasyProg was the only self-build programmer with PIC10F support. As a result of the porting, a few in-circuit-programming-specific features were added to the control protocol. This allowed the EasyISP firmware to retain the Wisp628's support for quick-turnaround program/test cycles.

At some point I intend to merge some of the changes in the newer EasyProg firmwares back into EasyISP, but at the moment this project is on the back-burner.


EasyISP version 0.10